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Alaska Goat Hunting

Mountain goat hunting in Alaska is truly a unique experience and my hunts exemplify the fact. Alaska represents the extreme northern end of mountain goat habitat in North America and Alaska's goats tend to have extremely long hair during the September/October hunting season.

Also, it's interesting to note that Bergmann's Rule is readily apparent among Alaska's mountain goat population; whereas Bergmann's Rule is the principle that individuals of a wide-ranging mammal specie tend to be larger the further north the individual animal is found. Thus, mountain goats in my area tend to be of large body and large horn-size.

My mountain goat hunts are conducted in the Chugach Mountains, which currently offers over-the-counter tag hunts and drawing permit hunts. Mountain goat hunting within my area is not a difficult endeavor and my goat hunts are moderately strenuous when compared to mountain goat hunts in other areas of Alaska and/or Canada and the contiguous states. I should also mention that it is not necessary to backpack when pursuing mountain goat within my Guide Use Areas and I do not offer backpack hunts. To the contrary, mountain goats are readily visible each and every day of a hunt and those goats are easily accessed from my camp locations.

My hunts are all-inclusive from Anchorage, Alaska and this includes ground-transportation and aircharter to/from the field. I personally guide each and every hunt. Black bear, wolf and wolverine are available at no extra charge during mountain goat hunts and, oftentimes coastal Alaska brown bear and/or Alaska/Yukon moose are available on a trophy fee basis. Mountain goat hunts are eight days duration.